As Kiwis most of us love the water! The beach, the lake and rivers. In fact, we love it so much that more of us are installing pools at our homes. But is it really a great idea to do this? If you love the water and swimming and cannot bear to live a day without the opportunity to do this our advice would be to get one. If you are wanting one for your own personal enjoyment and are an avid outdoor entertainer a pool is a great idea.

BUT… If your goal in putting in a pool is to add value to your property so that you can sell on making a tidy profit then you have to be very careful! Many people don’t actually realise the real cost of owning a pool and it takes them by surprise when they find out. The cost of water, maintenance, upkeep, chemicals, fencing, security and council consent all mounts up and even though you might want it to add value, potential buyers could be turned away, and often the gain you get isn’t near what you would imagine.

Ace Landscapes can assess your situation and then give their professional advice as to whether you should install one or not. If your decision is to get one, Ace can organise the pool construction, and can do the pool landscaping if you want.

And what about SPA POOLS?

Spa Pools still come down to personal preference, but to have a suitable area for a spa and an outdoor plug is a great asset.

You or a future owner can just plug it in and turn it on. So simple. The team at Ace Landscapes can advise and work out the best area for you to put this exceptional addition to your home.


Want to Know how to get rid of them?

Have you ever been walking barefoot on your lawn when suddenly a sharp shooting sensation grips you and the ensuing cries of “Ouch!” get your neighbours attention?  No doubt the answer is YES!

Yet the problem is simple and the solution straightforward.  Onehunga weed or prickles as it is commonly referred to are extremely common in New Zealand in Spring and Summer.  The sharp part that stick into our bare feet is the seed of this Onehunga weed yet this can be easily remedied.  By spraying the weed in Spring before they begin to seed and by not cutting your grass too short when you mow your lawns you will be surprised at how these annoying prickles can be removed so you can once again walk barefoot and not be afraid of the sharp prick!


When it comes to planting one of the key questions you have to ask is whether natives are the way to go or not. If you want your section to look lush and green, with fleshy, nice looking foliage and strong plants then natives are something to consider. They look nice and are a popular choice for New Zealand home owners as they handle our climate and soil conditions superbly. However, if you are wanting a more coloured look to your property, or desiring feature trees or street trees, or really wanting an instant look that you can plant and be done with, Ace Landscapes will show you the best choice of plants that will be most suitable for you particular situation.