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While we are often asked to Design or Build a low maintenance landscape or garden, there is no such thing as a no maintenance landscape. (100% concrete is as close as you will get but it still will grow mould!)

Like the inside of a house, a landscape needs maintaining, little and often is the best approach to have a great landscape that has your friends and neighbours saying ‘wow!’

We can also design a customised maintenance package to suit your needs and budget and to spread the cost into 12 easy monthly payments.


Example of a full maintenance plan:

  • Lawns mown 39 times a year. Weekly in summer, Fortnightly in winter
  • Lawns maintained for weeds
  • Lawns fertilised 3 times a year
  • Garden weeded monthly
  • Trees and shrubs pruned after flowering or for shape when they require
  • Hedges trimmed twice a year
  • Pest and disease control of lawns and garden
  • Maintain bark and mulch levels
  • Feed fruit and citrus trees annually
  • Treat patios, driveways and outdoor furniture for moss and mould
  • Service irrigation system in spring and adjust seasonally.

Example of basic maintenance plan:

  • mow lawn 26 times a year (fortnightly)
  • weed gardens monthly
  • trim shrubs as required