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We have identified that gardening is a hobby for a lot of people, if you are one of these people you are most likely looking for sound advice and the correct product for the job at the right price. You might also be in the category where you would love a fantastic landscape but other commitments put it beyond your budget. If you are in one of these two groups then we have some great options for you.

We are able to offer you the products that we use ourselves, direct from the supplier, delivered to your door. What this means for you is that these products have been recommended by a professional rather than a someone working in a supply yard or hardware store with no experience or knowledge of what plants suit what environments etc. We also have no obligation to a brand or supplier so we will use the best product for the situation.

Price this is the point you all love. With no building overheads of staff packing shelves etc and no holding cost of product until it is sold we can offer you a substantial saving in the cost of the product or material on most items.

If you know what you want, request a quote or contact us now to discuss this option and how it can benefit you.