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Natural paving is a fantastic alternative to either conventional paving or concrete. It gives a natural appearance but is held in place by an innovative honeycomb cell with a permeable matting attached. Once the product is in place it is filled with either stone pebble or shell depending on what the intended use is eg a patio, driveway or path. your budget and most importantly what will enhance your landscaping the most.

When correctly installed it forms a stable surface that performs like conventional paving that you can ride a bike on, drive on walk in stiletto heels safely.


The BeNIFITS of Natural Paving

The product has exceptional permeability and drainage and will reduce the flow of water from heavy down pours.

If tree roots grow under the matting it won’t cause it to crack. In fact it is ideal for over tree roots however it may requires some additional work to protect the roots of trees.

When correctly installed there is no surface movement or cracks, puddles, or mud that would typically push through an aggregate driveway in time and the matting forms a great weed barrier.  

With the unique construction of the product and the fact that the matting is attached the the honeycomb cell it does not rise up through the pebble or aggregate.

No ruts or wheel tracks.

More cost effective than either concrete or paving.




Recently completed job using Natural Paving Recently completed job using Natural Paving