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A Landscape Design is generally the start point of any landscape project. Be it a quick sketch for a simple job or a more detailed landscape design it is the only way to really be sure you will get what you want. Like when you build a house or do a renovation you start with a plan, it should be the same for a landscape.

When we do a design we take a lot into consideration. Some of the key things being what you want or need are council regulations, building covenants, budget, climate, different product options etc. This all helps to provide a landscaping design that you can afford to implement, that gives you what you wanted, be it visual enhancement, privacy, more outdoor living area, room for the kids to play, a pool area or all of the above.  

An added benefit of a good design means that when you get to the construction phase that you can get competitive quotations with contractors pricing the same design.

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Ps. A well thought out landscape design will save you more than the cost of the design in getting it right the first time. It doesn’t take long to exceed the cost of a design in re-doing part of a landscape because it is not what you wanted or expected it would turn out like.


Our Services


This is the first step to your exciting new landscape! It is an important step where we meet and discuss what you want and see if we are the right match to work with you on your project. We have a protfolio of past work and information that will benefit you in your decision making through out your landscape project. Typically at this point we would sketch up a quick 2D drawing which will form the basis of your design and we like to do a perspective sketch that you can keep of what your project will look like. 


The next step, after the initial consultation, is for us to create a draft concept design. This will include site measures, checking levels, services etc and will be established from the discussions at the initial consultation.

 Once we have the draft concept plan complete we will arrange a time to discuss the plan and make any changes then we will complete the design and do the final presentation.

As with all our work it is a fixed price quoted and agreed before we start the design so there will be no nasty surprises when the plan is presented.

 The cost of the design will depend on the size of the project, the amount that needs to be designed, the level of detail required, weather it is colour or black and white. Etc.

The landscape concept design plan is essentially a blue print for owner or landscaper alike to follow. This plan allows you to organise the project at your own pace, or get the project quoted by us or other landscape contractors.


Further Design

Each project is unique and sometimes you may need further plans for building consents, or details for a part of the design eg a garden structure or water feature.

These vary from project to project and will be discussed, agreed to and quoted before we start them.

Like a concept design the cost is depended on how much work is involved in preparing the design required. Typically these are a black and white design and generally completed using CAD design software.



A planting plan is developed to show in detail: plant names, numbers and placement of plants shown on a scale drawing and any other relevant information.
This plan also allows you to source your own plants if that is a preference and is especially useful for long term projects



 Again these plans show the specific details of lighting or irrigation systems and factor in things like water and power supply. They are also a valuable reference point for maintenance and repairs. 



This shows the design in a 3 dimensional drawing. These are general used by Building companies when they are selling a house off a plan and it is a concept so there customer has a better idea of what they will get or as a supporting document in a building consent or rescorse consent application. We rarely complete these for a home owner.